[swift-users] print() behavior difference, working as designed.

Dru Satori dru at druware.com
Thu Dec 17 09:27:16 CST 2015

While working on making some adjustments to code that has been developed for OSX/iOS that would allow it to be portable to Linux, we are seeing a behavior that is causing some confusion. I’m not sure it is a bug, it may well be working as designed.

At issue the following code: (where value is an UnsafeMutablePointer<void> containing a pointer to a MacOSRomanStringEncoding of the string ‘hello’)

let data : NSData = NSData.init(bytes:value, length:len)
		let s : String = String.init(data:data,
		print("Value: \(s)")

On OSX, this results in a print of:

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