[swift-users] Building the OS X Package

Mike Greiner mgreiner at icloud.com
Sat Dec 12 11:19:07 CST 2015

I’d like to build Swift as a convenient OS X Package similar to what’s provided with the development snapshots at https://swift.org/download/#latest-development-snapshots <https://swift.org/download/#latest-development-snapshots>

Could anyone tell me what build script options I could use to get as close as possible to that? Obviously the signing part would not be possible, but that’s fine I’m just deploying this internally.

Looking at `build-presets.ini`, I tried the `buildbot_osx_package` preset but it’s asking for a bunch of configuration options that I don’t know how to choose. Ideally I could just specify the package location on disk :)

Any help appreciated!

utils/build-script --preset=buildbot_osx_package
utils/build-script: missing option(s) for preset 'buildbot_osx_package': install_destdir, install_symroot, install_toolchain_dir, installable_package, installable_package, symbols_package, darwin_toolchain_bundle_identifier, darwin_toolchain_display_name, darwin_toolchain_xctoolchain_name, darwin_toolchain_version
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