[swift-users] hasSuffix(_:) and .hasPrefix(_:) String methods missing on Linux

Alessandro Morgantini gpz500 at technologist.com
Fri Dec 11 05:18:34 CST 2015

Hello to everyone!
I'm a very newbie to Swift, I'm doing first experiments on Linux & Mac and
I have the following issue: if I call the hasSuffix(_:) or the
hasPrefix(_:) methods on a String instance, I obtain the following error:

$ swiftc prova.swift
prova.swift:110:4: error: value of type 'String' has no member 'hasSuffix'
if pippo.hasSuffix("ao") {
   ^~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

Same code works well on OS X.
I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 with required dependencies (clang and libicu-dev)
Any idea?

Cheers, Alessandro

Ing. Alessandro Morgantini - http://www.morgantini.org/
Email: gpz500 at technologist.com
Cell.: +39-347 761 1221 - Fax: +39-390 347 761 1221
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