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Laurent Michel ldm at engr.uconn.edu
Wed Dec 9 13:59:55 CST 2015

Good afternoon,

I’m developing on MacOSX and I have a large code base in Objective-C. One of the attractive strength of Swift is its ability to seamlessly integrate with Objective-C. In my case, the dependencies on the Foundation library is minimal (NSObject, NSArray,…) but I have a lot of Objective-C code of my own.

So…. are the tools supposed to be able to let me hybridize and use my Objective-C library from Swift on Linux ?

Note that

1.  I have successfully compiled and tested my library by using the Foundation lib that comes with GNUStep, using clang as a compiler for Objective-C along with the libobjc2 (1.8.1) Objective-C runtime).

2.  On MacOSX (10.11) I successfully achieve the above, calling my library from Swift!

Any pointer is greatly appreciated (on whether this is doable on Linux and how to go about it).

Thanks a lot,



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