[swift-users] Module System

Damien BRUN dev at lanza.fr
Sat Dec 5 14:22:36 CST 2015

You can get a simple module to work with :
$ swift -I /path/to/module/dir swiftysource.swift

with module dir containing a file named module.modulemap which is something

CSmurf [system] {
   header "/absolute/path/to/header.h"
   link "smurf" // to link against libsmurf.so
   export *

I am personnally currently struggling with it to get it working with more
complex libs but not everything (see http://clang.llvm.org/docs/Modules.html
for "everything"') seems implemented yet.


2015-12-05 5:54 GMT+01:00 Severen Redwood <severen.redwood at gmail.com>:

> How does the module system actually work in Swift? From what I've seen so
> far it seems to be pretty tied in with XCode and tools like the package
> manager.
> I come from languages like Rust where modules either map to files or to
> folders with a `mod.rs` file inside. I can also define modules inside of
> source files with the `mod` keyword.
> From what I've seen the way modules work in Swift is not very flexible.
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