[swift-users] Migration Path From Other Languages

Suminda Dharmasena sirinath1978m at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 01:38:05 CST 2015


There is much code and libraries written on Java and .Net platforms. Is it
possible to consider a migration path into Swift from these languages.

Currently the following is possible:

   - Use of RoboVM (https://www.robovm.com/) for JVM migration
   - Use of IKVM (http://www.ikvm.net/) migrate to .net native and perhaps
   link from there
   - Perhaps use of .Net native for .net languages
   - Use of RemObjects Silver (

Alss these are 3rd  party solution but there might be a lot off corner
cases these many not work well and when these comes migrating to Swift may
costly and might need to be abandoned.

Is it possible to provide a migration path from other languages with tools
to do such migration build and tested by the Swift team. For JVM and .Net
languages which can be by translating bytecode to Swift libraries.

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