[swift-users] Linux Install from source ?

Dmitri Gribenko gribozavr at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 11:14:11 CST 2015

Hi Damien,

On Fri, Dec 4, 2015 at 9:06 AM, Damien (dev) <dev at lanza.fr> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I'm using a custom Linux from scratch (x86_64). I have just built Swift, but I cannot find how to install it after the build process. Is there a script or something ?


build-script --preset=buildbot_linux_1404

Unfortunately, that depends on the swift-package-tests directory,
which is currently missing from the repository.  As a temporary
workaround, please disable those tests by commenting out
"test-installable-package=1" from utils/build-presets.ini.

> I cannot even launch it from build dir since it seems to use my system LLVM and fails with a frustrating :
> LLVM ERROR: Compiler-internal integrated REPL unimplemented for this platform.

See discussion in https://bugs.swift.org/browse/SR-39

This is because 'swift' and 'lldb' binaries need to be next to each
other for the REPL to work. This is not the case in the build tree. To
fix, either create a symlink in your build tree, or build the package,
where the two are installed next to each other.


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