[swift-users] swift build linking / Ubuntu

Matt Kolb kolb722 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 13:33:44 CST 2015


I was very excited over the open-sourcing of swift today, and immediately
downloaded the distribution for Ubuntu. In following:

mak at nibbler ~/Documents/github/mkolb/Hello
% tree
├── Package.swift
└── Sources
       └── main.swift

1 directory, 2 files
mak at nibbler ~/Documents/github/mkolb/Hello % cat Sources/main.swift
print("Hello, jabrone!")
mak at nibbler ~/Documents/github/mkolb/Hello %

However, upon attempting to build the package, I receive the following
error during linking:

mak at nibbler ~/Documents/github/mkolb/Hello
% swift build -v
-o /home/mak/Documents/github/mkolb/Hello/.build/debug/Hello
-L/usr/local/lib <unknown>:0: error: link command failed with exit code 127
(use -v to see invocation)
<unknown>:0: error: build had 1 command failures swift-build: exit(1):
"-v", "-f",

Being brand new to this toolchain, and being as the archives are empty, I
figured I'd post this question. Thanks for any help!

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