[swift-server-dev] HTTP API Review

Chris Bailey BAILEYC at uk.ibm.com
Tue Aug 22 06:05:56 CDT 2017

Hi Adrian:

>> - (I haven’t tracked that particular decision) Why not calling the 
module `HTTP`?

That's the eventual goal, although at the moment there's only support for 
the "server" APIs. I think as we get closer to a complete set of APIs 
we'll definitely rename. We can also do that sooner if it make sense. 

>> - Even it the module is currently called `SwiftServerHTTP`, isn’t the 
HTTP type prefix redundant?
>>    - If the Module was called `HTTP` then you could use `HTTP.Method` 
if you wanted or simply omit the HTTP because it would be optional.

As Helge has said, we did have some previous discussion on this - the 
quick summary is that retaining the HTTP prefix is beneficial for IDE 
based code completion, so whilst its technically redundant it can actually 
make it easier to program.

>> Various linking issues

These should just be fixed. If you'd like to raise PRs, those would be 
gratefully received (although it might be work waiting until PR #26 is 
merged first).



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On 22. Aug 2017, at 09:53, Adrian Zubarev 
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> Well if it’s been settled in stone already, so be it. A short answer was 
enough for me, thanks :)

I guess nothing is settled in _stone_ already, but I think it is good to 
read up on the pros and cons people raised about features/decisions before 
re-starting discussions from scratch :-)


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