[swift-server-dev] OpenSSL re-licensesing to ASL v2

Chris Bailey BAILEYC at uk.ibm.com
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If they can carry this off, and the change can be seen as legally valid, 
it makes adoption easier. Having said that, the OpenSSL license is already 
fairly permissive - it just requires you to provide a PUT to cover its 
inclusion in other projects.


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Since ASL v2 is incompatible with GPL2, some projects may seek to use dual 
license MIT/ASL v2.

It's unlikely that such a relicensing will be seen as valid, particularly 
because they've gone from the "If we don't hear of any objections then 
we'll assume that means yes". Relicensing of software is particularly 
challenging in that all contributors need to agree (not just to not 
disagree) for it to be valid. There have been few situations where 
open-source software relicensing has gone ahead successfully; other than 
projects which have CLAs (i.e. 'we give a license to relicense') the only 
ones that I'm aware of are JUnit and Eclipse, both of which moved from CPL 
to EPL. And in that particular case, the only way they achieved that was 
to denote EPL as being a subsequent version of CPL, because they couldn't 
get positive permission from everyone.

See also Theo's trolling of relicensing GCC to ISC:


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