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Logan Wright logan at qutheory.io
Thu Mar 23 07:35:23 CDT 2017

I think it might be lowercase to stick w/ the official Apple swift 3
guidelines, but definitely agree on some type of extensibility. Currently
I've been naming that 'other' in general. With that said, that's kind of
why I included a String in my proposal. If we can focus on the actual
components of the parser and let users define models as much as possible,
then it offloads a lot of our opinions into respective frameworks. In terms
of Method, here's how I currently have it for discussion:

enum Method {
    case get, post, put, patch
    case other(String)

I think in addition to adding new official methods (I might be wrong here,
need to double check) but I believe server/clients can define any method
they might want to use between them, so I completely agree with you that
whatever we have will definitely need some type of extensibility (whatever
we call it) to conform to spec.

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> On 23 Mar 2017, at 11:18, Logan Wright via swift-server-dev <
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> > some types that I think are pretty unambiguous like HTTPMethod
> May I ask how that would look like in your opinion? I was thinking about
> that too, and I find it rather hard to come up with a really good solution.
> The desirable thing would be an enum, but such can’t be extended in Swift
> w/o an associated value. Like so
>   enum HTTPMethod {
>     case ExtendedMethod(String)
>   }
> But I think this would be pretty weird for ‘late’ methods and you’d end up
> with code like
>   switch method {
>     case .get: ...
>     case ExtendedMethod(“PATCH”): ...
>   }
> which will look really weird quickly. New methods do not come around every
> day, but more often than you might think (note explicit support for
> arbitrary ones in todays XHR, this used to support only GET/POST, hence the
> xhr-method header thing).
> hh
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