[swift-server-dev] server api release date

Chris Bailey BAILEYC at uk.ibm.com
Tue Jan 31 08:10:48 CST 2017

Hi Seva:

There's no hard and fast release date, but ideally we'd like to achieve a 
"1.0" release for each of the three areas in the Swift 4.0 timeframe - 
with many iterations as we get to that point.

The initial draft proposals are starting to take shape for each of the 
three areas. The one for Security is here:
Once there's are agreed, prototyping and development work will start to 
take place.


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I am very interested in the development of the backend to Swift, could you 
call the approximate release date or give a link where you can get 
acquainted with the road map?

PS Sorry for my english, I really do not speak on it.
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