[swift-server-dev] Server Security Group: Use NEW POLL link

Gelareh Taban gtaban at us.ibm.com
Thu Jan 26 08:58:47 CST 2017

** Please use the new and improved Doodle poll that supports time zones! **

(including people who already signed up to the old one)


Hi Johannes,

You're absolutely right - I had forgotten to enable time zones.
Unfortunately I can't enable time zones on an existing doodle, so I had to
create a new one. http://doodle.com/poll/vihp99y3xhac67hs

Thanks for your question!


From:	Johannes WeiƟ <johannesweiss at apple.com>
To:	Gelareh Taban/Austin/IBM at IBMUS
Cc:	swift-server-dev at swift.org
Date:	01/26/2017 05:12 AM
Subject:	Re: [swift-server-dev] Server Security Group: the pitch and
            meeting poll
Sent by:	johannesweiss at apple.com

sorry, this might be a stupid question. Last time Doodle told me something
about the timezone but this time it didn't. Does Doodle correctly show me
the time in my timezone? I kind of doubt it because the times are between
9am and 3pm. If that's my timezone (London), then that all looks a bit
early for say the US west coast which is 8 hours bind London which would
make the time slots 1am to 7am :).

> On 25 Jan 2017, at 22:17, Gelareh Taban via swift-server-dev
<swift-server-dev at swift.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've put together a draft pitch for the Security Group to be discussed in
the next Server Security Group. We would discuss the project design goals
and overall approach.
> Please fill up the Doodle poll below so we can schedule it at a time that
best fits everyone.
> To review the pitch:
> https://github.com/swift-server/security/blob/master/README.md
> Meeting schedule poll:
> http://doodle.com/poll/hmakcgbqby2biudc
> Regards,
> Gelareh
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