[swift-server-dev] Keeping servers robust

Andrew Akira Toulouse andrew at atoulou.se
Wed Nov 23 13:01:53 CST 2016

Has there been any thoughts to strategies for keeping servers written in
Swift running? People are certain to write bugs resulting in crashes from
time to time, and I think that natively and gracefully handling
process-death and relaunching workers would be something that probably gets
standardized – if not by the provided APIs, then by whatever project
springs up to fill that gap first.

Spitballing: Is there perhaps an IPC abstraction that can work together
with Swift and libdispatch? IIRC, XPC is dispatch-based, and I'm
particularly fond of its API, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to evaluate
it or how much of it can be made to work without the availability of Mach
ports. I recall that some part of it uses launchd, but I'm not certain what
it's used for or the degree to which that integration is required.
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