[swift-server-dev] Why not rely on existing models?

Yoann Gini yoann.gini at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 04:00:59 CDT 2016


I’m following Swift server side initiatives really closely. I’m a developer and sys admin, really interested in subjects linked to performance and security.

Swift look like a perfect language for server side, especially with Cocoa framework on the back.

Looking at all the current initiative, I’ve to say don’t understand something: why everyone start by creating a brand new HTTP server?

From a DevOps point of view, it looks like a waste of resources to start writing HTTP server framework in swift. No sys admin will ever allow a small custom HTTP server to be open to the Internet without a proxy before. Plus, we already have two really great HTTP servers in the UNIX world, Apache and NGINX. In no way a custom HTTP language related framework can cover as much as those two projects.

Even if I understand some people might want built-in HTTP handler in a client/server app, I don’t really understand why all existing initiatives take this road.

Looking at what currently exists, I found WSGI (or even old school CGI) way more interesting for production purpose.

If we are trying to deploy Swift on the server side, CGI alike solution look like the quick win. It avoid wasting dev time by reusing all HTTP server already existing, so developer from this community will have to concentrate only to create a bridge. And even more, this bridge can be created in the first version by simply porting WSGI behavior to Swift.

This is just a simple personal opinion. Just wondering why.

Best regards,
Yoann Gini

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