[swift-lldb-dev] swift-lldb release branches

Francis Ricci francisjricci at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 14:59:11 CDT 2017

Hi all!

I'm getting started doing some development on swift-lldb, and I'm
having trouble getting basic debugging functionality out of the lldb
binaries I build off of the swift release branches (swift-3.1-branch
and swift-4.0-branch). On both branches, when I run lldb against a
stdlib unit test binary (tried Stdin.swift and TestDate.swift), even
breakpoints don't work. With a swift binary built in debug mode, line
number breakpoints don't get set, and function name breakpoints get
set but not hit. In release mode, lldb hits an illegal instruction in
the test and the test crashes.

I'm building in a pretty vanilla way, just using build-script --lldb
on a mac, wondering if I'm missing some important setup (or whether I
should be on a different branch). I care about abi stability with a
swift compiler built on the release branches, so I don't think I can
run off of master or stable.


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