[swift-lldb-dev] Importing Swift Module from Xcode Project

Jessie Serrino jessie at remind101.com
Tue Mar 21 16:33:42 CDT 2017

Hi there,
Just to follow up, I connected my application to the debugger outside of Xcode,
and when I attempt to import my project there (by using import ProjectName), I
instead get this error: "expression failed to parse, unknown error".
When I instead use @testable to import, I get this error: "Shared Swift state
for Remind101 has developed fatal errors and is being discarded.REPL definitions
and persistent names/types will be lost.".
Any insight as to why it's having trouble loading my module?

On Tue, Mar 21, 2017 8:43 AM, Jessie Serrino jessie at remind101.com  wrote:
I'm using LLDB within Xcode (version lldb-360.1.70), and trying to import all
existing files from my project into the REPL.
When I typeimport ProjectName, the REPL doesn't have any issues. That said, when
I reference any classes within the project that I am trying to import, I get
error: use of unresolved identifier.
Is there a command to link the Swift module within LLDB that I may be missing?
Within my Xcode build settings of the project, I have Defines Module  set to Yes
, so I am certain that a module is being created for my project.

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