[swift-lldb-dev] Swift LLDB Feature Support

Jessie Serrino jessie at remind.com
Wed Oct 5 19:01:14 CDT 2016

Hi Swift LLDB,

First of all, thanks to some of you for being so responsive!

After playing around a bit with the LLDB build, we had some feature
requests for the next version of LLDB.

First and foremost, we’d like to be able to execute multi-line expressions
through *expression*, and create variables in a global context without a *$*.
This is incredibly important, and would enable us (and other developers) to
make deeper, more valuable investigations into code while debugging.

In a similar vein, we would like to be able to revert these definitions of
expressions in Swift. This would allow us to set the state for certain
variables, but also revert our code if anything were to go awry.

Would it be possible to have some help with this? We're relatively new to
the codebase, so we've been having trouble getting things kickstarted on
our end.

Thanks again,
Jessie (and Rex)

Jessie Serrino
iOS Engineer, Remind
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