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If we had a language binding for gtk, and entered code to create a window, would REPL running the Swift command be able to respond interactively from CLI? Thanks,MGage Morgan

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Hi all,

Thanks for the questions on the REPL.

With respect to incorporating a REPL into another program, the text-based
Swift REPL is available in and implemented via LLDB.  As Swift LLDB is
implemented on top of LLDB, there are two projects involved with regards to
the source.  The source code for the core of LLDB (as available via llvm.org)
is available according to the terms of the license as spelled out at
llvm.org.  The Swift-specific parts (i.e. any files not in the llvm.org
LLDB source base) are available according to the license as specified at
swift.org.  I would direct you to those licenses to see if they are
compatible with your desired usage.

There are at least a few apps that incorporate LLDB into their IDEs, either
via the SB API (the LLDB C++-based API), via the GDB Remote protocol, and
via the GDB mi protocol (via lldb-mi).  It is definitely possible to go the
route of setting up an app that communicates with LLDB to get a REPL
experience that way.

I'll be able to comment more directly on questions this upcoming week.
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