[swift-evolution] [REVIEW] SE-0193 - Cross-module inlining and specialization

Slava Pestov spestov at apple.com
Fri Dec 22 23:05:27 CST 2017

> On Dec 22, 2017, at 1:50 AM, Johannes Weiß <johannesweiss at apple.com> wrote:
> totally agree that these attributes are necessary, they should be in Swift as soon as we bike shedded the right name. But to prevent them from being placed everywhere without thinking I propose to introduce a compiler mode at the same time.
> Performance testing is hard and takes time. So I'm pretty sure that as soon as one @abiPublic/@inlinable has proven to improve performance, library authors will just start putting them anywhere as there's no downside besides making the code harder to read.
> What is the downside of bringing the attributes and the compiler mode at the same time. Am I massively underestimating the amount of work required for such mode?

ABI stability for the standard library is our top priority for Swift 5. While adding a ‘completely fragile’ compiler mode should be straightforward in theory, the devil is in the details, and I don’t think we can commit to delivering this feature any time soon.

> Cool. Just to be sure I understand you correctly: Assuming your proposal gets implemented as proposed, a function that does _not_ have the @inlinable attribute it won't be specialised across modules, ever. Correct?

That is correct. This is already the behavior today, so there’s no change here.

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