[swift-evolution] [REVIEW] SE-0193 - Cross-module inlining and specialization

Slava Pestov spestov at apple.com
Wed Dec 20 21:34:11 CST 2017

Hi Nevin,

Thanks for taking the time to review the proposal!

> On Dec 20, 2017, at 7:08 PM, Nevin Brackett-Rozinsky via swift-evolution <swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:
> Alternatively, since the “@abiPublic” attribute allows objects to be used by inlined code, why not spell it “@inlinable”?

Because both @abiPublic and @inlinable can be applied to functions, and we really do need to distinguish the two cases — they’re definitely not the same:

private func pf() {}

@abiPublic func af() {
  pf() // OK — we can reference a private function here
  // framework author can change the body of af() and clients see the new body

@inlinable public func if() {
  pf() // error!

  af() // OK

  // changes made here don’t necessarily get picked up by clients until recompiled

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