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> On Nov 23, 2017, at 11:15 AM, Chris Lattner via swift-evolution <swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:
> Until we figure out that path forward for regex’s, I think they aren’t the right motivation for this proposal.

1. Even in our shining pattern matching future—a future which I, for one, am eager to hasten—we will still need to interoperate with NSRegularExpression and other Perl 5-compatible regex engines.

2. Code generation.

3. Windows-style paths. 

4. Doesn’t LaTeX use backslashes?

5. Etc. 

I think the Motivation section undersells this proposal. Regexes are a strong short-run use case, but in the long run, we’ll need this for other things. In both cases, though, raw literals will be a useful addition to the language, improving the clarity of Swift code much like multiline literals already have. 

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