[swift-evolution] [Accepted and Focused Re-review] SE-0187: Introduce Sequence.filterMap(_:)

Shawn Erickson shawnce at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 09:39:47 CST 2017

I so far am most in favor of mapSome out of the names I have seen followed
by mapAndUnwrap (however the later is growing on me).

To me the most important thing is when reading code that it is quick to
understand generally what is going on followed by discoverability of a new
comer. I think both of these are fairly clear on a quick read while a lot
of the others are heavily overloaded terms. I also they sufficiently
discoverable / learnable ... also mor so then some of the other overload


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> Le 16 nov. 2017 à 06:29, Matt Gallagher via swift-evolution <
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> My opinion is that filterMap is the right choice of name.
> I'm completely biased, given that I already have a Swift library that uses
> filterMap, in exactly this context, for a Reactive Programming library:
> https://github.com/mattgallagher/CwlSignal/blob/22f1d47895896d7b55bc59a4ee5394071f3c84cf/Sources/CwlSignal/CwlSignalReactive.swift#L453?ts=3
> Another popular Reactive Programming Library uses filterMap with a
> different signature, and a different meaning:
> https://github.com/RxSwiftCommunity/RxSwiftExt/blob/3.0.0/Source/RxSwift/filterMap.swift#L32
> There are already different interpretations on "filter" in "filterMap" in
> the wild.
> Gwendal Roué
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