[swift-evolution] Forums for swift.org workgroup: looking for volunteers

Nicole Jacque nicole_jacque at apple.com
Wed Nov 15 17:38:52 CST 2017

As Ted Kremenek has previously announced, we are in the process of moving the Swift mailing lists to Discourse. Previously the discussion was mostly about moving swift-evolution over to a forum, but the consensus from Ted and the Core Team was that should look to move all the lists to Discourse for consistency.

I will be shepherding the transition from the mailing lists to the forum. Rather than simply move the existing lists and structure as-is, we’d like to take this opportunity to explore new ways of organizing the forums to help foster communication and collaboration. We also have a number of new options that will be available with Discourse, that we’d like some input from the community on. 

To help with this, I am looking for 3-4 volunteers from the Swift community to create a workgroup to discuss and create a plan for the structure for the Discourse-based forums. We will then present this plan back to the community. We are also investigating the possibility of having a preview version of the forums available for comment from the community. 

If you would like to be part of this workgroup, please reply back to me and let me know!


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