[swift-evolution] classprivate protection level?

Mike Kluev mike.kluev at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 09:37:29 CDT 2017

i am missing some protection level, which can be called "classprivate" or
"structprivate" / "enumprivate" (names could be better). here is an example:

--- file Some.swift ---

class Some {

private func foo() {

bar() // error: inaccessible due to 'private'



--- file Some+Bar.swift ---

extension Some {

private func bar() {

foo() // error: inaccessible due to 'private'



1) i want to have this extension in a different file (to keep file sizes

2) i can't use either private or fileprivate due to compilation errors

3) i do not want to have neither "foo" nor "bar" public

4) "internal" doesn't help as "foo" and "bar" will be available to my app
(which is unwanted).

is there some "classprivate" to help here? if not so far, shall there be
one? opinions?

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