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Kevin Nattinger swift at nattinger.net
Tue Oct 17 21:52:16 CDT 2017

So, what I'm getting from this explanation is that `Equatable` is meaningless on its own; each class needs to document exactly what  "substitutability" means as implemented, and any code that uses `==` needs to check the documentation for that specific class and make sure the intended use ("context," as you say) aligns with the class's definition.

>>> Contrived Example: Two Lorem Ipsum generators are the same generator (referentially equal, substitutable for the purposes of my library), but they sample the user’s current battery level (global state) each time they produce text to decide how fancy to make the faux Latin. They’re substitutable, but don’t generate the same sequence.
>> Evidently I disagree with your definition of "substitutable." How can you say one thing can be substituted for another when doing so gives a different result?
> They are substitutable for the purposes of certain operations. The key question is “what” gives a different result.
> Sets are primarily about membership, and equal sets are substitutable (hand wavy) for Set-like purposes. But, two equal Sets are not substitutable for iteration purposes unless they produce the same elements in the same order. This latter requirement is far less important than the former for Sets, but can still come up in generic contexts.
> Two Lorem Ipsum generators could be equal in that they are substitutable for (hand wavy) faux-Latin generation purposes, even if the sequence of generated characters happens to differ.

Hmm, I… guess I could see randomized generators comparing == because their public configuration is the same, just not the implementation detail of their RNG states.  Not sure I'd implement it that way myself—perhaps I just take the "substitutability" more seriously than some.

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