[swift-evolution] /*Let it be*/ func() -> @discardable Bool {} /*Rather Than*/ @discardableResult func() -> Bool {}

Mike Kluev mike.kluev at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 06:40:17 CDT 2017

On 12 October 2017 at 09:34, David James <davidbjames1 at gmail.com> wrote:

> IMO everyday app building would rarely need to use functions with
> discardable results. This is more an issue with libraries or frameworks
> that support a *fluent interface* (e.g. that return self) where an
> operator chain can be stopped at any point, unless it clearly doesn’t make
> sense, in which case @discardableResult would not be advised. I am building
> such a library. It has 200+ uses of @discardableResult and *I don’t have
> a problem with it in it’s current form* (especially since it can go on
> the line before the function). It’s an annotation for a specialized
> purpose, hence the very specific nomenclature.

let me guess: you put it on a different line exactly because it is in it's
current ugly form :)

personally, if "x: inout Int" is in it's current form (vs. "@inputOutput x:
Int") so shall be "discardable Int", i see no principle difference between
them to make one looking it is from a different planet altogether.

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