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Wed Oct 4 05:54:29 CDT 2017

on Wed, 4 Oct 2017 00:16:14 +0200 Benjamin Garrigues <
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> Same goes for actors and blocking calls : if you're dealing with a few
> grained actors that handle a large state and communicate over an
> medium ( such as a network) , you're going to have a very different need
> if all your actors run on the same cpu and each handle a very small part
> your logic and data. In the second case you're using actors for thread
> and not really to manage failure or lag in actor to actor communications.

exactly my thoughts. unreliably UDP-style "best effort" delivery approach
is at the core of actors and "thread safety problems and their solutions on
a single
or multi core CPU box" are two different tasks at hand IMHO. unless i
misunderstand something fundamental here, which is of course possible.

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