[swift-evolution] A path forward on rationalizing unicode identifiers and operators

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> Maybe they've started teaching it earlier than when I went through
> school... I don't think I learned it until Discrete Math, which IIRC was a
> 2nd or 3rd year course at my college and only required for Math, CS, and
> maybe EE majors. Anyway, WRT a), if Swift achieves its "take over the
> world" goal, *all* use cases will be Swift use cases. WRT b), "many" as
> in the numerical quantity or "many" as in the percentage? There are
> probably millions of people who recognize calculus's operators, but there
> are 7.5 *billion* people in the world.

I’m 19 and for what it’s worth, set notation is “taught” in 9th grade but
no one really “learns” it until they get to discrete structures in college.
There’s a ton of random things that get introduced in high school/middle
school that no one ever retains. Believe it or not they teach set closure
in 6th grade, at least in my state.

It’s still my opinion that ⊆, ⊇, ∪, and friends make for obfuscated code
and I consider unicode operators to be one of the “toy” features of Swift.
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