[swift-evolution] Standard ReactiveSteam definitions for Swift

Howard Lovatt howard.lovatt at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 19:59:01 CDT 2017

In Java 9 they have added standard definitions for Reactive Streams, the
`Flow` class, so that third party libraries, like Akka, can interoperate.
Note they haven't added an implementation of Reactive Streams, just the
type definitions.

A starting point for adding similar to Swift could be:


This would be the Swift equivalent of the Java Flow class in that it
provides definitions but not implementations, which will enable third party
libraries and eventually whatever goes into Swift at language and library
levels to interoperate.

Whereas adding concurrency in general will be a long process, these
definitions could be added now.


  -- Howard.

PS You can find out about Reactive Steams and the standardization of them
at http://www.reactive-streams.org/
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