[swift-evolution] Documentation and comments

Alex Blewitt alblue at apple.com
Mon Sep 18 03:52:48 CDT 2017

It's not clear what you are proposing or how it would be achieved. If you would like to spend some time looking into this in more detail, please feel free and post back here with the results of your investigations.


> On 17 Sep 2017, at 00:12, Omar Charif via swift-evolution <swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Well I had this weird idea that I would like to share with you maybe it turns out to be helpful.
> So, can we somehow link comments with the code in a way that becomes updated with the source code itself ?
> Can we fix that issue where your documentation is automatically updated when u update the source code ?
> I see everyone suffering from the fact that comments are not 100% reliable since you update the code and no one remembers to update the comments above etc …
> I don’t know if this is an XCode thing or a swift compiler task in general … but as long as I write Swift I would like to have this feature in any IDE or Editor that I use, would that stop the problem at all ?
> - Omar
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