[swift-evolution] [Concurrency] Theoretical question about actors vs async

Benjamin G benjamin.garrigues at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 06:59:58 CDT 2017

I've read Chris Lattner proposal on concurrency, and if i'm correct, the
proposal is to start implementing async / await mechanism first, then other
more evolved mechanisms (such as actors) on top later.

My question after reading the many conversations (and confusion) around the
execution order of async / await on the mailing list is this :
Isn't the actor model a more "elementary" concurrency model than async /
await, and so, from a theoretical point of view, wouldn't it make more
sense to implement it first as a layer to build future other concurrency
mechanisms on top ?

I'm putting emphasis on the "theoretical" aspect of my question, because
i'm 100% certain that if Mr Lattner decided to go this path, it's because
it makes more sense from an implementation point of view.

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