[swift-evolution] [Proposal] Explicit Synthetic Behaviour

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>> I mean because not once have you summarised what these alleged "considerations" were; if they exist then you should be able do so, yet all I am hearing is "it was considered", which frankly is not an argument at all as it is entirely without substance.
> Of course it is not an argument at all. It is a factual statement. The objections which you mentioned were also mentioned prior to a decision about SE-0185. The community and the core team had an opportunity to view those objections. After that time, a decision was made, having considered all the stated pros and cons which included the ones that you are now repeating. What "considerations" are you looking for?

Ones with proof that they were ever made! Once again you are stating that these issues were "considered", yet you show not a single shred of proof that that was the case. You're asking me to take you at your word but I have no reason to trust that the problem has been as carefully considered as you claim.
I was involved in one such discussion and the response from the core team was frankly pitiful; they did not provide any justification whatsoever.

But since it's clear that you have no intention of ever responding substantively I will not dignify your messages with any further responses as it is nothing more than a waste of my time; you hypocritically accuse me of repetition, while you also ignore direct questions and any point that doesn't fit your "shut up about this" viewpoint. If that is all you have to say then you've said it a dozen times over, so kindly stop doing so.
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