[swift-evolution] [Concurrency] async/await + actors

Kenny Leung kenny_leung at pobox.com
Fri Sep 8 13:34:02 CDT 2017

Hi All.

A point of clarification in this example:

func loadWebResource(_ path: String) async -> Resource
func decodeImage(_ r1: Resource, _ r2: Resource) async -> Image
func dewarpAndCleanupImage(_ i : Image) async -> Image

func processImageData1() async -> Image {
    let dataResource  = await loadWebResource("dataprofile.txt")
    let imageResource = await loadWebResource("imagedata.dat")
    let imageTmp      = await decodeImage(dataResource, imageResource)
    let imageResult   = await dewarpAndCleanupImage(imageTmp)
    return imageResult

Do these:

await loadWebResource("dataprofile.txt")
await loadWebResource("imagedata.dat")

happen in in parallel? If so, how can I make the second one wait on the first one? If not, how can I make them go in parallel?



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