[swift-evolution] Beyond Typewriter-Styled Code in Swift, Adoption of Symbols

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>> Just a side observation…
>> One of the downsides I would put forward to notation like this is it massively increases the barrier to entry for anyone else. I look at that “Reduction.agda” file and wonder if I need to go back to school for a degree in Math just to understand what’s going on.
>> On the other hand, while using inefficient matrix notation may be more verbose, it is consistent with the other notation used in programming, which means it is more easily understandable for new-comers to the code.
> New-comers from where? I've met more than one mathematician or physicist who claims they can't code because the syntax isn't what they're used to. People with different backgrounds can and do have vastly different ideas about what constitutes an intuitive syntax for any given semantic (which why I disagree with the notion that having more than one spelling for stuff is inherently bad).

That’s a fair point, which IMO reinforces the notion that changes like this should be an editor-level feature, and not a code-level feature.

An editor can reformat code (using a font with bazillions of ligatures or whatever) in was that you wouldn’t want to necessarily “hard code”.

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