[swift-evolution] Beyond Typewriter-Styled Code in Swift, Adoption of Symbols

John Pratt jprattx at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 21:56:42 CDT 2017

I sent a postal envelope to the Swift team with an article I wrote, arguing that
symbols and graphics would push the programming language forward.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an actual multiplication matrix broken out into code,
instead of typing, “matrix()”?  It seems to me Swift has the chance to do that.

Also: why does "<==" still reside in code as "less than or equal to” when
there is a unicode equivalent that looks neat?  

Why can’t the square of x have a superscript of 2 instead of having “pow(x,2)?  
I think this would make programming much easier to deal with.

I expound on this issue in my article:

http://www.noctivagous.com/nct_graphics_symbols_prglngs_draft2-3-12.pdf <http://www.noctivagous.com/nct_graphics_symbols_prglngs_draft2-3-12.pdf>

Thank you for reading.

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