[swift-evolution] [Concurrency] Fixing race conditions in async/await example

Joe Groff jgroff at apple.com
Fri Aug 25 11:23:42 CDT 2017

> On Aug 25, 2017, at 12:34 AM, Howard Lovatt <howard.lovatt at gmail.com> wrote:
>  In particular a future that is cancellable is more powerful that the proposed async/await.

It's not more powerful; the features are to some degree disjoint. You can build a Future abstraction and then use async/await to sugar code that threads computation through futures. Getting back to Jakob's example, someone (maybe the Clang importer, maybe Apple's framework developers in an overlay) will still need to build infrastructure on top of IBActions and other currently ad-hoc signalling mechanisms to integrate them into a more expressive coordination framework.

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