[swift-evolution] [Concurrency] async/await + actors

Yuta Koshizawa koher at koherent.org
Fri Aug 18 23:04:22 CDT 2017

`beginAsync(_:)` is a sort of poor man's `Future`—it guarantees that the
async function will start, but throws away the return value, and *might*
throw away the error unless it happens to get thrown early. Given that its
ability to return information from the body is so limited, I frankly don't
think it's worth making this function rethrow only some errors. I would
instead make it accept only a non-throwing `async` function, and if you
need to call something that throws, you can pass an async closure with a
`do`/`catch` block.

I agree. I think `rethorws` for `beginAsync` is problematic.

For example, what happens when the `foo` in the following code throws an
`Error` asynchronously?

func foo() async throws { ... }

`foo` is acceptable as `beginAsync`'s `body` by its type. However its error
might be thrown asynchronously and it is impossible to rethrow it. So the
error must be ignored or treated as an universal error by untyped
propagation. It breaks type safety about error handling.

So I think the signature of `beginAsync` should be the following one.

func beginAsync(_ body: () async -> Void) -> Void

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