[swift-evolution] [Concurrency] async/await + actors

Yuta Koshizawa koher at koherent.org
Fri Aug 18 20:04:19 CDT 2017

Hi, I have a question about the proposed `async/await`.

Are `throws async` and `await try` allowed? I think we have three options.

1. allows only `async throws`-`try await`
2. allows both `async throws`-`try await` and `throws async`-`await try`
and does not distinguish them
3. allows both and distinguishes them like `Promise<Result<T>>` and

Although 3 is the most expressive, I think it is too complicated. In most
cases we need only something similar to `Promise<Result<T>>`. To select 1
also makes it possible to support 3 in the future. So 1 seems a good choice
to me.

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