[swift-evolution] [Planning][Request] "constexpr" for Swift 5

Karl Wagner razielim at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 22:48:58 CDT 2017

> Actually, if you do a lot of graphics programming like I do, the memory layout is very, very important. Swift may not care about layout, but many APIs that it interacts with do. 

Sure; I’m well-aware of how important it can be to decide on an appropriate memory layout. I’m very much in favour of opting-in to contiguous layout for tuples.

> Is @fixed_layout actually planned to be part of the language? I was under the impression it’s just a placeholder attribute. Either way, I’d appreciate not having to write Float sixteen times for a 4x4 matrix type.

AFAIK @fixed_layout is a placeholder attribute. And I’m also very much in favour of a shorthand for declaring a fixed-size list.

I just don’t see why we need to introduce this new kind of list-like thing in order to get what we need. It makes it harder to project a coherent message about when to use which data-type.

- Karl
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