[swift-evolution] Fast String Comparison From String Arrays

Omar Charif omarchariffathi at icloud.com
Fri Jul 28 07:54:07 CDT 2017


I wonder whether there is already a way in Swift to compare a string against a large string array quickly without using the traditional ways of comparison. 

Say we have ["a", "b", "c", "d"] and we would like to find whether this array contains "a", then we decide to check if we have "b" in that same array. Don't you think there is a way to represent the array in a different way and make this comparison a lot quicker ?

I know there are recurrent neural networks etc ... I am talking here about solution without learning anything, just representing the array differently so we can minimize that O(N).

I have developed an algorithm and it is doing pretty well so far and I wonder whether it would be accepted so I came to propose and see if this is interesting from your perspective.

I developed a Javascript version here https://omarshariffathi.github.io/quickhint/

If you think this is welcome in Swift Foundation I am ready for a pull request.
Thanks for reading.
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