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David Sweeris davesweeris at mac.com
Mon Jul 24 11:55:04 CDT 2017

> On Jul 24, 2017, at 9:22 AM, FĂ©lix Cloutier <felixcca at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> There are other alternatives that don't use generics. Last time this came around, the straw man syntax was (4 x Int), and it was merely to be a shorthand for (Int, Int, Int, Int).
> Every non-existing feature that needs to be implemented to make fixed-size arrays work are a drag. I've said it before and I'll say it again: major features that this proposal wants to rely on should be brought independently and discussed on their own. There are real problems with monolithic proposals:
> They couple independent features in an all-or-nothing basket
> They consume a huge amount of review and design energy
> They force sub-features to be viewed through the telescope aimed at the main feature, and make it easier to miss problems or opportunities in the big pictures
> The last point is especially worrying to me because things like non-type generic parameters are *much bigger* than fixed-size arrays. I think that it's a priority inversion to discuss non-type generic parameters as a bullet point of fixed-size arrays.

+ all the 1s

- Dave Sweeris
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