[swift-evolution] [swift-evolution-announce] Revision review: SE-104: Protocol-oriented integers

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Indeed, this thread has been derailed. I should ask myself to open a
separate thread to talk about these concerns :)
On Sat, Jul 22, 2017 at 06:16 Víctor Pimentel <vpimentel at tuenti.com> wrote:

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> > It is no fun to call people out on this, but I'll do it if no one else
> will. If someone starts a conversation to talk about X in a public forum,
> anyone is free to join that conversation to talk about X or not to do so.
> Surely, we can all agree that it's a breach of etiquette anywhere, in any
> forum, to join that conversation with the purpose of talking about Y.
> Generally, it's good manners and not "policing" for any participant who's
> interested in talking or hearing about X to say to that other person, "I'm
> sorry, the topic at the moment is X." That doesn't mean that one person is
> better than the other in any way, but it's also not an invitation to start
> a debate as to whether the topic at the moment really is X or Y.
> Public forums are helpful, but they are also hard and sometimes
> frustrating. I am nobody to say how anyone should talk in them, so please
> don't take this the wrong way.
> While the intention of avoiding sidetracking is loable, maybe we could be
> a bit more careful with the wording. So instead of saying "this is not the
> place" we can say "can you open a separate thread to talk about your
> concerns?". Both avoid highjacking, but the second promotes further
> contributions.
> Also, funnily enough, this review thread seems highjacked by this other
> topic.
> --
> Víctor Pimentel
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