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> > This is a thread to formally _review_ certain changes, not a thread to
> “talk about” revisions generally.
> To review means to assess or reconsider; even if a new review is only
> triggered by specific changes, the proposal still needs to be considered as
> a whole, and I think it's perfectly fine to revisit earlier points,
> especially if a person's thoughts on those points is part of their
> assessment of the proposal.
> If people have issues with a proposal that a new revision still doesn't
> address, then I think it's perfectly fair to repeat them, as what was true
> of the previous version remains true in such cases.

Haravikk, if you'll refer to the original post in this thread, you'll see
that the core team has not opened up a review of the revised proposal as a
whole; it is explicitly a "review of this amendment."

It is no fun to call people out on this, but I'll do it if no one else
will. If someone starts a conversation to talk about X in a public forum,
anyone is free to join that conversation to talk about X or not to do so.
Surely, we can all agree that it's a breach of etiquette anywhere, in any
forum, to join that conversation with the purpose of talking about Y.
Generally, it's good manners and not "policing" for any participant who's
interested in talking or hearing about X to say to that other person, "I'm
sorry, the topic at the moment is X." That doesn't mean that one person is
better than the other in any way, but it's also not an invitation to start
a debate as to whether the topic at the moment really is X or Y.
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