[swift-evolution] Trying to grok the ABI documents, w.r.t. strong typedefs

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Tue Jun 27 12:22:22 CDT 2017

I’m trying to understand two of the ABI documents, <https://github.com/apple/swift/blob/master/docs/ABI.rst> and <https://github.com/apple/swift/blob/master/docs/ABIStabilityManifesto.md>, with respect to a strong type-alias idea I just posted:

// New methods and computed properties
// Maybe type-level stored properties
// Optionally export symbols from the original type to this one

I think we would need a new ABI entry for re-types. I think the implementation type would have to be a value type (structs, enums, tuples, and possibly someday fixed-sized arrays); I couldn’t get how to make a retype work with a class’s witness information block (which are customized to fit Objective-C compatibility) and what would it mean to shadow something that is a pointer to the real information anyway. This also means that retypes are always value types themselves.

Looking at the ABI Stability Manifesto:

* A retype has the same data layout as its implementation type. It has the same trivial and bitwise-movable status as its implementation type.
* The value metadata for a retype needs a pointer to its implementation type’s value metadata. I don’t know if a retype should share its witness table with the implementation type, or have a separate table that has a pointer to the original’s table.

Looking at the ABI doc:

* A retype has the same layout as its implementation type.
* The common metadata layout of the type metadata has a new kind value for retypes.
* In addition to the common metadata layout, a retype’s metadata has a nominal type descriptor, a reference to the parent metadata record, a reference to the implementation type’s metadata record, then possibly a generic parameter vector.
* The nominal type descriptor needs a new kind for retypes. I’m not sure if it needs any field/case/payload data.
* I don’t know if new mangling operators are needed for retypes, or if they can reuse their implementation type’s codes.


* I guess methods and computed property getters & setters of a type are listed with the general functions, with some marker of where the “self” pointer is. New methods of a retype would need new function entries, but I don’t know if exported methods would just reuse the implementation type’s method entry, or would new functions be created that just forward to the implementation type’s versions.

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