[swift-evolution] Reproducible builds (same code -> always same binary)

tuuranton at tutanota.de tuuranton at tutanota.de
Mon Jun 12 04:29:14 CDT 2017

Have you considered adding reproducible builds to Swift? If you compile the same code under the same conditions, you always get the same binary.

This would be huge for open source source, because people could *prove* that an app binary came from the code it's supposed to be coming from.

This should be possible to do. To get the same conditions, a VM (or just the same cleanly installed Mac) could be used. If the compiler adds a timestamp, an option to remove the timestamp could be added. Etc.

Bitcoin Core does this using Gitian: https://gitian.org
Debian Linux is making progress: https://wiki.debian.org/ReproducibleBuilds
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