[swift-evolution] History and future of Swift's parentheses

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I vote language complexity in the form of hygienic macros.

/me slinks away

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> > My answer to `inout` is to promote it to a full-fledged "storage class"
> (in C terminology) and allow normal variables to be `inout`.
> > This would immediately solve the problems with `inout` being a magical
> thing in functions, as well as a convenient way of storing "references" (in
> C++ terminology) to potentially huge inout expressions, not to mention
> returning an inout from a function, effectively spreading the getter-setter
> awesomeness to everything else besides properties and subscripts.
> C++ implements this idea by being utterly unsafe; Rust implements it by
> introducing entire new dimensions of language complexity.  Are you
> proposing one of these in particular, or do you have your own concept?
> John.
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