[swift-evolution] Yet another fixed-size array spitball session

David Sweeris davesweeris at mac.com
Tue Jun 6 13:45:46 CDT 2017

On Jun 6, 2017, at 10:55, Brent Royal-Gordon via swift-evolution <swift-evolution at swift.org <mailto:swift-evolution at swift.org>> wrote:
>> On Jun 4, 2017, at 6:56 AM, Daryle Walker via swift-evolution <swift-evolution at swift.org <mailto:swift-evolution at swift.org>> wrote:
>> in which at least one is dubious in value (#2, since a lot of times the common type would be “Any”),
> Yes, the subscript would sometimes be `Any`, or `CustomStringConvertible`, or `AnyHashable`, or a combination like `AnyHashable & Codable`. So what? Even `Any` is a useful type sometimes.

FWIW, I made a similar comment in a similar thread, and IIRC the notion was generally frowned upon. https://lists.swift.org/pipermail/swift-evolution/Week-of-Mon-20160208/009540.html <https://lists.swift.org/pipermail/swift-evolution/Week-of-Mon-20160208/009540.html>

Perhaps optimizations made over the past — wow, 1.25 years — have addressed Jordan’s concern about a “needless amount of extra work for the compiler”?

Also, I thought we’d decided this was out of scope for now? Am I thinking of something else, or are we just talking about it anyway, for funsies?

- Dave Sweeris
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