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This is a topic of considerable history. See:


It would be important for those who wish to rekindle this discussion first
to review and summarize the preceding, and very technically illuminating,

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> Writing functions without side effects is generally considered to result
> in less error-prone code. In Swift today, if you want to segment your code
> into pure and impure functions, you just have to police yourself, which is
> a very un-Swifty thing to have to do. This problem is compounded when
> working in teams, where someone else of course won’t know which of your
> functions are pure, and even if you leave a comment it’s not a guarantee
> they’ll know (or care) what “pure” means.
> So what about adding the ability to annotate functions with a special
> keyword? For example "pure func addTwoNums(n1: Int, n2: Int)”.
> The rule here is very simple: functions annotated with “pure” can only
> call other functions annotated with “pure”, otherwise the compiler produces
> an error.
> To me, this feels like a very natural fit for Swift. What does everybody
> else think?
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