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> To which human would it be misleading?
> To the writer? No, because the compiler will warn you right away. By the
> time you're done with writing the first line, it'll warn you that Int and
> Double are unused variables. And if you try to use x and y, you get an
> error.
> To the reader? Only if the writer knowingly wrote this misleading code. In
> other words, it's a nice puzzle, but no reader will encounter this in
> real-world code, unless they're being tormented by the writer on purpose.
> IMHO, the fact that the compiler warns you does no change the fact that
> it's a very confusing part of the language. It should not be an excuse for
> fixing it. Consistency teaches us to expect a type after a colon.

Highly disagree. Consistency teaches us that variables can come after a

func foo(bar: Int, baz: Int) {
  print(bar, baz)

func foo(bar: Bool, baz: Bool) {
  print(bar, baz)

let x = 42
let y = 43
foo(bar: x, baz: y)
// x and y are variables, and they come after the colon.
// We don't allow users to write `foo(bar x: Int, baz y: Int)`,
// even when there are overloads.

There is nothing inconsistent about this part of the language.
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